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Welcome to the Farmers Challenge

The Farmers Challenge

The "Farmers Challenge" is a unique event designed to bring you, your colleagues, your customers and friends, the best and most exciting range of activities available in a single location.

Our goal with the Farmers Challenge is to give you hands on access to some of the traditional skills slowly disappearing from the British countryside and to provide a once in a lifetime team-building event for you, your customers and colleagues. Activities that you will be talking about for years... You can book the "Farmers Challenge" as a private event for your own company or join an open event whichever suits your requirements and budget. One thing that you can be certain of is that this event will improve

  • Your staff moral and motivation

  • Your relationship with your customers

  • Your relationship with your colleagues

With over 24 activities available for the "Farmers Challenge" we can tailor the event to your exacting requirements. Activities can include:

  • Archery and Crossbows

  • Laser Clay Shooting

  • Ferret Racing

  • Scarecrow Building

  • Milking the Cow

  • Geese Herding

  • Falconry Display

We always  finish the day on a high and so can also offer the amazing "Lamb National", one of our most popular show-piece events as the climax to your wonderful day.. So why not invest in improving your business, whether it is by motivating your staff, improving your relationship with your customers or building better relationships with your colleagues. We know the "Farmers Challenge" will help you achieve all of these ..... Check out the video of one of our recent farmers challenge days.

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