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The Cotswold Experience 

Welcome to the Cotswold experience this is our flagship package which has been created to really give you a experience like no other. 


The Cotswold Experience

In summary the Cotswold Experience

Is one of a series of countryside challenges held at local hotels or venues designed to bring both large and small business together under a networking umbrella, it maybe a thank you for your staff. Birthdays treat, an anniversary, or just to unwind with some of your friends.


These challenges may include

Duck herding

Working a sheepdog

Gundog's and ferrets

Milk the cow



These activities can be booked separately or we can put together bespoke packages to suit your needs. In the current covid 19 crisis our activities are held outside and social distancing can be maintained so don’t delay and book today give us a call on 01865 655996 email

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