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The Farmers Challenge Starter Package

Join us for a day in the Cotswold's countryside with our starter package you can choose any four activities from the list below each activity will last approximately 30 minutes. This package starts at an amazing £99.00 per person minimum of 15 people. Then if you decide to add anything to your package we can price accordingly for you. The starter package is a field event held on our own site in Oxfordshire. You can choose to add as much or as little as suits your requirements and budget from extra activities to a BBQ lunch, hog roast or bacon rolls on your arrival for the morning or afternoon event.

Duck Herding                    Pig Agility                  

Scarecrow Build

Egg Throw

Raise the Baa

Sheep Shearing

Horseshoe throw

Lead the Chickens home

The Duck Run

Milk the Cow

Toss the Bale

Lamb National

Blind Sheep

Work a Sheepdog

Welly Wanging

Find your Mate

Geese Herding

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