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At Cotswold Country Events, our goal is a simple one


To ensure that you and your other team members have an enjoyable, motivational, inspiring and

educational day doing things that you have never done before


How many times can you honestly say to friends, family and work colleagues, do you remember the day

that we herded Geese, or raced sheep or built a scarecrow.


We can arrange these for you as well as many other exciting, unique and fun activities designed to be

uplifting, educational, motivating and team building. 


Take a look through our activities list. Once you have found and chosen the activities that suit you and your team just call us or complete our enquiry form.


We will do the rest. 


We will arrange a local venue, provide the activities, provide refreshments if required and even clean up afterwards.


All you have to do is turn up, have fun and leave, so don't delay contact us today, after all you can't have too much of a good time can you!!

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